What is the Long-Line Release?

First, it’s a fly fishing term describing the second highest level of achievement in catch-and-release fishing—when the angler is able to release a fish without even handling it, especially at a distance.  The highest level of attainment is to transcend catching and releasing altogether, but only a few have achieved that level of success.

Second, the LLR is an internetwork-based publication platform (e.g., blog), the goal of which is to publish one longish form piece per month (say, 1,500 words or more), on an eclectic variety of issues.  It will be intentionally directed toward more sustained, thorough treatments on subjects such as fly fishing, hiking and backpacking, religion, culture, public education, business and finance, book reviews, scientific issues, history, environmental concerns, and more.  Those are the ones planned, as of now.  Some will be esoteric and only of interest to a narrow group.  Others will be more broad.  As it stands, it’s a fairly amorphous collection of ideas that will no doubt coalesce and cohere as the project moves forward.  Or maybe they won’t.  Basically, I plan to write about things that I find engaging and worthy of a more thorough treatment.

Pieces will mainly be published here, but occasionally I will work with some other online organizations and just provide an excerpt and link for you to click over.

Comments, questions, debates, etc. are all welcome.  Spam, of course, is not.  Since I receive so little traffic, comments will indeed be moderated.

Otherwise, welcome, click around, and enjoy the site.

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